About Us

We are an Australian based business with a passion for the outdoors, adventure, hunting, and everything in between. 
We are a small, modest business broadening our horizons into New Zealand.
This doesn't mean making a quick buck.. We will strive to support the outdoors industry in New Zealand by giving back and supporting local efforts to sustain the outdoors industry and support others in doing so. 
As we build our business, we would love to be in contact with like minded people to work toward supporting organisations and charities that do so much for the outdoors and hunting community.

We are not a retailer, we are a supplier, we work closely with Maven Built Optics to give the customer better access to the product. You still receive World-Class optics with no middle man or retail mark-up!


Get more, pay less…

We broke the mould when we introduced our high-performance optics into the market in 2014 at almost half the cost of our competitors, the major European brands. We did this by implementing a Direct to Consumer business model and eliminating retail mark-up from the stores. Most companies use a traditional retail model of selling their product, which means the product gets marked up by 50% at the retail shop. We bypass this channel and sell directly to you – this allows us more flexibility during production to innovate to produce a higher quality product. We’re not limited to lesser grade materials in order to cut cost to hit a retail price point. This non-restrictive development allows us to partner with the best manufacturers in the world and to work with the best ingredients.

What does that mean for you? That means we can produce a world class, superior product, but at a much more affordable price.   

Don’t make the mistake of comparing Maven products with similarly priced optics. And don’t fall into the psychological trap that paying more equates to a better product – let your eyes be the true test.