Shipping and Duties Information


Your items are shipped from Australia and subject to Goods and Services Tax on arrival. We are aiming to have a NZ base in the future with growth of our business.

Products from this website are purchased in New Zealand dollars. 

As the exclusive distributor of Maven in New Zealand we recieve shipments of  optics in bulk which can save on freight. We aim to provide these world class optics at excellent value. 


In most cases, duties are only payable on product costs of over $1,000

Information here is a guide, and we encourage you to use the information on the below link to the Duty  Estimator

NZ Duties Estimator

Being an Australian exporter, we are not required to charge Aus taxes on top of our products, ensuring you get the best value for your dollar. We aim to be as affordable as buying from the USA, at the same time supporting NZ industry where we can.