CRS.1 - 3-12X40 SFP
CRS.1 - 3-12X40 SFP
CRS.1 - 3-12X40 SFP
CRS.1 - 3-12X40 SFP
CRS.1 - 3-12X40 SFP

CRS.1 - 3-12X40 SFP

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This all-purpose hunting rifle scope hits all the high points and is sure to earn a reputation as a workhorse that the C Series is known for.

Featuring our award-winning C Series glass, the second focal plane CRS.1 offers an exceptionally clear, bright, and high contrast image with excellent colour fidelity. Due to the popularity of our proprietary RS Series reticle options, we tailor-fit the CRS Series with a unique version of the Simplified Holdover Reticle (SHR) to create the CSHR in 0.25 MOA/click units - making holdovers simple, easy, and quick. With a lightweight 14.18 oz. footprint and a streamlined profile, the CRS.1 covers all the bases for most hunting situations and is our recommended rifle scope for eastern and western big game hunting. 

Includes neoprene cover.

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 -Mid-Range Model
-Size: 12.4 in.
-Weight: 14.18 oz.
-Second Focal Plane
-0.25 MOA/click
-Wire CSHR Reticle
-Exceptionally Clear, Bright, High Contrast Image
-Excellent Color Fidelity
-Waterproof and Fog Proof
-Lifetime Warranty
-Assembled in Japan
-Direct to Consumer / No Retail Markup