CRS.2 - 4-16X44 SFP
CRS.2 - 4-16X44 SFP
CRS.2 - 4-16X44 SFP
CRS.2 - 4-16X44 SFP
CRS.2 - 4-16X44 SFP

CRS.2 - 4-16X44 SFP

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 For those that need that extra reach, this 4-16x riflescope features a second focal plane, side parallax adjustment, a compact tube base, and a larger 44mm objective to grab every ounce of critical light. Featuring our award-winning C Series glass, the CRS.2 offers an exceptionally clear, bright, and high contrast image with excellent color fidelity. Due to the popularity of our proprietary RS Series reticle options, we tailor-fit the CRS Series with a unique version of the Simplified Holdover Reticle (SHR) to create the CSHR in 0.25 MOA/click units - making holdovers simple, easy, and quick.

The CRS.2 delivers high performance in a more compact configuration and easily fits the bill for eastern and western big game hunting scenarios where higher magnification is needed.  

Includes neoprene cover.

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-Mid-Range Model
-Size: 11.6 in.
-Weight: 16.93 oz.
-Second Focal Plane
-0.25 MOA/click
-Wire CSHR Reticle
-Exceptionally Clear, Bright, High Contrast Image
-Excellent Color Fidelity
-Waterproof and Fog Proof
-Lifetime Warranty
-Assembled in Japan
-Direct to Consumer / No Retail Markup